Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Storage of personal effects

Our warehouse is fully equipped with 10 m³ individual boxes.


Each box is numbered and only contains the goods of one single customer.

There is no limit of time or quantity. You can store only a few boxes or pieces of furniture or the entire goods and furniture you have for duration from a month to several years.

For large volume, we can also propose you to store your goods in containers. Click on the left menu to get detailed information.



You can choose to deliver yourself the goods you want to store or ask us to organize your removal from door to our warehouse. At the time of getting your goods back, you can still choose between getting your goods yourself or asking us to deliver them to your house.

Every movement in our storage, input, output, visit can only be done with appointment. Our storage facility is accessible from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 16:30.