Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Domestic removal

Moving is OUR BUSINESS ! Trust the professionals !

Different parameters have to be taken into consideration when planning your move :

  • The quantity / the volume of the goods to be moved
  • The services you need (packing, dismantling, reassembling ...)
  • The floors at origin and destination
  • The packing materials to provide
  • The help you will have
  • Your budget


These elements will determine the size of the vehicles to be used, the number of movers you need, how long the operation will last and the cost of the operation.

The more important the work, the more skilled labors you need!


Conversely, everything you do by yourself will no longer have to be done by the movers and will not cost you anything. However, if you are able to do many things alone, with family or with some friends, it is recommended to let qualified professionals care about the most delicate parts that include disassembly- reassembly of furniture and packing of the most delicate objects.

When booking your move, according to all these parameters we will advise you on the formula to be adopted.

At Ghenne, our objectives are the QUALITY and your SATISFACTION !

To achieve these goals, we propose you an "à la carte" formula that satisfies everyone's expectations. Discover our offer on the page « Our Formulas ».