Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Consolidated shipments

For international removals, we use containers carriers with trailer. The maximum loading capacity reaches 110m³. It is obviously very rare that the goods of a single customer can fill out this type of coupling.


Of course we try to fill out our trucks and trailers at their maximum capacity, very often with the belongings of a couple of clients. This is called “consolidation” and its benefits are known and numerous.


The most important of this benefit is of course financial. Everybody looks for the cheapest way to move his goods and this way makes it possible.


Transportation fees (fuel, tolls, workmanship, trucks, tyres …) are spread across multiple clients and each client benefits from better conditions.

Of course, to take advantage of this important financial consideration there is a counterpart! We will ask you some flexibility as to the time limits within which you will receive your goods at destination. We're talking about days! No way to make you wait weeks or months from the planning that has been agreed between you and us unless it is your wish !


Consolidation is the ideal formula for small and medium size removals and for clients who wants to minimize the financial side of their removal.

That formula is also interesting for people who absolutely need a delay between loading and delivery. For example, your new house is not ready due to some works in progress or if you intend to go on vacation before moving in.

Whether for a cabinet, a dozen boxes, a lounge, a dining room or the entire contents of your house, ask for a quote, it's free !