Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Access at destination

The access condition to your home is very important information for the organization of your move and for its success.


Operations abroad, loading or unloading, are made usually by two men. If in the vast majority of cases everything goes well, sometimes our staff are faced with by difficult access which makes the operation more difficult.


What’s a difficult access ?

In general, our truck should be parked within 10 meters from the entrance of your home or along the front or inside of your property.

Sometimes, the layout of the premises prevents this from happening that way! A too narrow or too cramped gate, a very small road, limits in height or weight … all these circumstances may force our crew to park the truck further than expected which increases the carrying distances and forcing our crew to walk useless and tiring kilometers.

All of this may result in making the work of our crew more difficult and lower the quality !

To avoid any concern, good organization is required and the accuracy of the information you provide will allow us to anticipate these difficulties and to solve the problem before it arises.

We can either request assistance to a colleague mover in your area or rent a smaller vehicle to transfer your belongings, in other words find a solution that will ensure the integrity of your goods and ensure the quality of our work.

Therefore, it is important that you inform us as accurately as possible about the conditions of access of your home and in need or in case of doubt please send us pictures of the place. We will have a good overview and recommend the best solution.

Please send your pictures by mail at :