Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Storage into Container

Ghenne SA offers to store your personal belongings and furniture in direct container or demountable. .


What are the advantages of this method of storage?

  • Ideal for big volumes: We have a maritime container 30m³ and 55m³ of roller units.
  • Reduced risk: We charge the goods to your home directly into the container or swap body.The goods are not manipulated before being redelivered, which reduces the risk of damage due to handling and intermediate risk of loss, mixing or theft.
  • Lower costs: The truck should not be emptied, which reduces the work, therefore thecosts. A fortiori, at the time of redelivery, the truck should not be charged because the container is ready. New economy of work and still cost!
  • Transit and international grouping: You have a small volume to be transported to Europe and you are not eager to receive your goods. Your belongings are loaded into one of our roller units. The available volume is offered to another client and we will deliver on a journey together. Shared solution, cost-sharing !
  • Timeliness: Are you moving but you can not receive your goods immediately. You need some days to organize or weeks to perform the works. Once the container is loaded, will be placed on our waiting fleet till we get your green light. You are finally ready to receive your goods? We take the container and ready to deliver you as soon as possible.
  • Safety of your belongings: Once the container is charged, we affix a numbered lead. The number of the lead is sent to you. At the redelivery, you can verify that the container was never opened during the storage.
    •Security on site: We have a fenced park. In this park, we handle your container with a clarck and have the containers door to door, making the access to property impossible.
  • Storage costs reduced: Proportionately, the location of a container is cheaper than storage in traditional furniture.The storage container or demountable is an exceptional solution.
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