Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Offices removal

An office removal is not a removal like any others !

Here, the organization reaches its peak!

Indeed, the whole furniture of the same premises and its contents must always be present in the proper office of destination, at the right stage in the good service.

To allow your employees to pack their belongings and those of the company, we supply all the necessary equipment for the proper execution of the operation several weeks prior to the move.

This way, when the big day arrives, the entire contents of your cupboards and shelves are ready and our teams only have to load it into trucks.

For a better organization, our company favors the use of a color code label, defined with the head of the company prior to any movement. Once the label is sticked, the movers can identify at a glance, the destination of the object.

This system, coupled with a good labelling (name of the employee and office number) of each box and each piece of furniture greatly facilitates the work of the movers and also improves performance.


To carry the IT equipment, our company uses special plastic bins also called PC boxes. Each tray can hold a work station (monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse and all cables). In this way, nothing can be lost during transfer.

On moving day, while a team removes the boxes, another prepares the furniture and dismantles those that must be for transportation.

At destination, our teams empty the trucks, reinstall and reassemble the furniture and dispatch the boxes according to their labeling in your new premises.

Once the removal is completed and the boxes are emptied, we will send you a team to get rid of all the unnecessary boxes.