Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Parking reservation

It is essential to reserve a parking space for our truck at your different addresses. In general, we recommend you to book a 20 meters space so that our truck can easily park and especially not to obstruct traffic.


Several options are available.

Either you block the parking space by yourself, using two or three vehicles while waiting for our team or you ask the administration of your city so that they formalize your request by placing signs prohibiting parking (E1 signal) in front of your house.

In case of non respect of the panels by unscrupulous road users, you can request the intervention of the police and the disturbing vehicles will be towed away.



The price of this service may vary greatly from one municipality to another and sometimes you will even be asked to place the panels by yourself.

We can also take care of paperwork for you.

Since the arrival time of our team can vary from one move to another, you should request the parking reservation for the whole day from 6:00 am. It is not more expensive but more efficient !