Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.


Parking reservations abroad

Like in Belgium, parking reservations abroad are in most of the cases, necessary or even obligatory.


A moving truck is +/- 10 meters long and needs +/- 20 meters to be able to park in the best conditions.

If your move is voluminous or in case of consolidated shipment, our truck will definitely be hitched up to a trailer as big as the truck. The necessary size of parking space will therefore be doubled, reaching 20 meters and 40 meters respectively.

It is the sole responsibility of our customers to ensure that space will be reserved for our truck and if necessary, to carry out the necessary formalities with the competent authorities in the new city or country of residence.

In any case and especially in big cities, we advise you to reserve space physically with your own vehicle and / or with your relatives or neighbors ones. Although the space is reserved and sign boards are placed, unscrupulous driversmay park which may cause delay of several hours at an additional cost.