Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.

Lift service

Lift service for individuals

You live in an apartment, your stairs are narrow, your condo does not let you move with the elevator or the stairs inside, you do not want to get tired carrying a large number of heavy and bulky packages, you just bought a new sofa, a new fridge, but it is too big to go up the stairs or to enter the elevator? Don’t worry, Ghenne s.a. has the solution!

Thanks to our lift service, wherever you have only a piece of furniture to bring up or down, a few boxes or a whole removal, we make your life easier! No more risk to damage your walls, your furniture or your personal belongings, no more risk to hurt yourself carrying heavy loads in stairs for a couple of floors.

From the 1st to the 8th floor, for loads up to 300kg we put our experience, our know-how and our top quality material at your disposition.

For all situations, Ghenne S.A proposes you its lifts on vehicle or its brand new ultra light top lift, ideal to work in gardens or for low floors.

Ghenne S.A. is also equipped with electric dismountable lifts for houses with difficult access like inner courtyard, flowerbeds or garden, low floors.

Renting a lift is the ideal solution !

We serve whole Belgium at competitive rates. Contact us by phone, email, or just click on the “free estimate” icon to get our conditions.