Ghenne s.a. is a company
specialized in national and
international removals.



Since its relocation on its new site of Andenne, Ghenne S.A. counts a new storage space of 2000 m² indoor and 5000 m² outdoors.

Thanks to this new space, Ghenne S.A. proposes its clients to stock either personal belongings into storage or commercial -industrial goods.

  • The storage part for personal belongings has been totally equipped with individual boxes to allow personal goods storage for short, middle and long term period.
  • On our outdoor park which has been closed and secured, our company has also maritime and removals container also used to store personal goods and furniture of our customers.
  • The space for commercial and industrial goods storage welcomes exclusively goods stocked on palettes.

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  • Brabant Wallon 32 (0) 10/776.433

  • Hainaut 32 (0) 71/960.546

  • Namur 32 (0) 81/732.754

  • Andenne 32 (0) 85/513.150

  • Liège 32 (0) 4/277.70.76