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Moving to Switzerland

Even though Switzerland is a member of Schengen agreement, every person desiring to relocate there will have to provide a large amount of documents and accomplish custom formalities.

Concretely, what should you do and which documents should you provide?

As if you were moving to the States, China or to any other country outside of the EC, your goods must be custom cleared.

Two custom clearances must be accomplished. One export, leaving the EC and one import, entering Switzerland.

For each operation, you will be requested to provide some specific documents and information :


Let’s start from the beginning. Export custom clearance, leaving Belgium:

  • A copy of your national ID or passport
  • The exact number of items, the global weight of your goods and their value

Every item will be numbered and listed on a packing list. An item is a box, a piece of furniture, a machine ...

Click here for an overview of a completed packing list or here to download.

By convention, all the removal companies have agreed on a ratio of weight for household goods. One cubic meter transported by surface (sea or road) weight 100 to 120 kgs. If you removal represents 25cbm, the global weight will be 2500 Kgs. The volume will be calculated by your remover.

You will also have to declare the value of your belongings. Leaving Belgium, that declaration of value is purely statistic. The Belgian State just wants to know the value of the goods leaving the country.

On the other side, entering Switzerland, that declaration of value may be used for other purposes like, for example; the calculation of import duties and taxes. But don’t worry, household goods are admitted in franchise of taxes and duties if you own them for at least 6 months. You will also be asked to fill in the “declaration for importation of your goods”. Please find a blank copy of this document here.

It is quiet complicated to give a value to your own goods. Moreover, which value should you take into consideration? Is it the purchase value, the actual or left value or the replacement value at destination? In fact, there is no good answer to this question. It is up to you to determine the value of your goods using all the ways you wants such as invoice, average value by object (10€/CD ; 20€/book) or even the declared value of your fire insurance.

To help you calculating the value of your goods, please find here a valued inventory list that you can use or get inspired.


Which documents do you need for custom clearance in Switzerland?

  • 18.44 form – Declaration/Application for clearance of household effects:

This document is an official form issued by Swiss custom. It has to be filled in precisely, dated and signed and given back to your removal company to allow her to custom clear the goods on your behalf. Please download this form here. The form is accompanied by instructions for use to help you to fulfill it.


  • Model 8 – removing from register of population certificate

This document will be issued by the townhall of residence a few days before your removal upon request. It is used to justify your origin and your transfer of legal residence.
Click here to see an example.


  • Packing list

As previously said, a packing list is a listing of all the belongings you want to ship. Each item is numbered and listed with a very short description.

Click here to see an example or here to download a blank copy.


  • A detailed valued inventory

This inventory will be used to declare the value of the goods leaving the country and entering Switzerland.

It can also be used for the subscription of the all risk insurance proposed by your removal company.

Click here to download a blank copy of this inventory.


  • Title of residence in Switzerland

Also called the living permit. The document is established by the Swiss administration where you are going to live. Check the «links page» to obtain a selection of links for more information about it.


  • Proove of purchase/rent of an accommodation

You will be asked to provide either the purchase contract of your house/apartment or a copy of your renting contract.


  • Employment contract

Even though it is not obligatory to provide your employment contract, it may be asked especially if you are not able to provide a proof of your house/apartment ownership or renting contract. Because too much is better than too less, we recommend you to provide us a copy of your employment contract in a sealed envelope. If a custom agent asks for it, we will be able to provide it and if not, we will give it back to you in its sealed envelope at delivery time.


  • Vehicle documents

If you intend to import your vehicle to Switzerland, either together with your household goods or later, you will have to declare your intention on the 18.44 form and to provide a copy of the vehicle documents: registration document, conformity certificate, insurance documentsand purchase invoice.

Comment: custom formalities and truck departure will only be possible if we have the complete file. No documents, no delivery!